Requirements for Residence Permit for Family Members of Austrian Citizens including Austrian Spouse

I receive so many questions about Residence Permit for family members of Austrian Citizen including Austrian spouse. So I decided to post it here for guidelines. This information was taken from Austrian Embassy in Manila but there might be changes from time to time. It would be better to check for information at the embassy itself.

Residence Permit “Family Member” 

Spouses, minor unwed children, stepchildren & adopted children (core 
family) as well as registered partners of Austrian nationals may apply 
for a residence permit as a “family member” (“Familienangeh√∂riger”), 
provided that their Austrian spouse, parent or registered partner is living 
in Austria permanently. 
Both spouses or registered partners must be 21 years of age at the 
time the application is submitted. 

Following are the requirements (original documents + 1 set of copies!): 

• scheduled appointment & personal appearance
• application form, completed & signed
• 2 recent & identical passport pictures according to ICAO-regulations 
(white background!)
• valid passport
• copies of all pages of passport (2 sets)
• old (expired) passports)
• birth certificate (NSO-copy)* + German translation done by an 
accredited translator 
Spouses/registered partners: You may submit the birth certificate 
already legalized & translated prior to the issuance of your spouse’s 
or partner’s Legal Capacity! 
• marriage certificate (NSO-copy)* + German translation done by an 
accredited translator (applies to spouses only) 
• partnership certificate (applies to registered partners only) 
• recent police clearance or NBI clearance* + German translation 
done by an accredited translator (does not apply to children)
• decision of the Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB)* + decision of 
the respective Austrian state government authority (applies to 
adoptions only) 
• proof of health insurance, or co-insurance through your 
• copy of passport of your Austrian spouse, registered partner or 
parent (data page only)

• proof of entitlement to standard accommodation of your Austrian 
spouse, registered partner or parent (lease agreement, abstract of 
title, extract from land register etc. of your Austrian spouse, 
registered partner or parent)
• residential registration of your Austrian spouse, registered partner or 
• proof of secure livelihood (income) of your Austrian spouse, 
registered partner or parent for the previous three months
• Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language, level “A1” 
(Goethe-Institut e.V. is certified to conduct this test) 
• application fee:  for adults   € 80,-- 
                  for minors  € 50,-- 
                  payable in Philippine Pesos 

* certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and subsequently legalized by 
the Austrian Embassy in Manila. A consular fee in the amount of € 40,-- per 
document, payable in Philippine Pesos, applies.  Due to the required 
verification of the documents’ authenticity the process of legalization 
may take several weeks before it can be completed and any residence 
application may be forwarded to the respective immigration authority in 
Family members (spouses, registered partners and minor unwed 
children) of Austrian citizes are, in principle, entitled to submit their 
applications for a residence permit directly at the respective immigration 
authority in Austria, provided that they are in Austria legally. For this 
purpose, you may apply for a national visa (type D, with a validity of 
more than 90 calendar days). The issuance of such a visa is contingent 
upon submission of the afore-mentioned documents + flight reservation 
(one-way) and fulfillment of general legal requirements. 

Residence permit form (ANTRAG AUF ERTEILUNG EINES AUFENTHALTSTITELS) can be found here, unfortunately it is only available in German. The guide in filling out the form is also available in this website also in german only.