Requirements for Philippine nationals for Marriage in Austria

After several contemplations,  finally, you and your Austrian partner decided to get married in Austria. The Austrian Embassy in Manila will require you the following documents:

List of Documents

Required Documents:

  1. Certificate of No Marriage Record – CENOMAR (NSO-copy, *DFA-certified, Marriage Counseling Certificate of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)) – the counseling Certificate can be obtain even if you don’t have a visa yet.
  2. Wedding Date Confirmation from Austrian Civil Registrar’s Office
  3. Extract from Birth Registry (from future spouse)
  4. Affidavit of Liability provided by future spouse in Austria, either notarized by a notary public, or given at the respective authority (Police, District Commission etc.)
  5. Copy of passport of future spouse
  6. Residential registration of future spouse
  7. Lease agreement or extract from land register (in case of ownership) of future spouse in Austria
  8. Proof of income (previous three months) of future spouse in Austria
  9. Divorce Paper Certificates
  10. Child Support Certificate if your former husband has a child to the previous marriage

General Requirements

Please note that if traveling as a group or family, each individual application must be supplemented with a complete set of documentation!

  1. Each applicant must appear in person to submit application
  2. Application form completed and signed by applicant (if you don’t want to go back to the Philippines after the marriage, you will need to submit the National Visa Form not the Schengen Visa Form)
  3. Passport, valid 6 months beyond expiration of requested visa and with at least one blank page
  4. Photocopy of passport data page
  5. Photocopy of previous Schengen visa, if applicable
  6. Any expired passports
  7. 2 recent and identical color photographs
    • 35mm x 45mm in dimension, well contrasted, frontal facial view, neutral facial expression, mouth closed, image must take up 2/3 of photbut not exceed 36mm in height, eyes above center of photo, eye color clearly recognizable, distance between pupils 8 t10mm and on a white background.
  8. Birth certificate (NSO-copy *DFA Authenticated and Legalized by the Embassy) and a photocopy
  9. Birth certificate(s) of child/children and a photocopy, if applicable
  10. Marriage certificate and a photocopy, if applicable
  11. Flight reservation, corresponding to the intended duration of stay stated on the application. (Qatar Airways offer free reservation just visit or call their Makati Office for details, also KLM have this feature)
  12. All-risk travel insurance and a photocopy, valid for all EU-countries, Norway and Switzerland, with a minimum medical coverage of Euros 30.000, corresponding to your travel itinerary. (you need to purchase this one so that you will get the copy of the policy)

    Please be informed that you may be asked by the immigration authority to present a valid insurance policy upon arrival.

    Acceptable Insurance Agencies:

    Apart from all major insurance companies in Austria, the following Philippine carriers are accepted (in particular order and subject tchange without notice):

    - Fortune General Insurance Corp.
    - Federal Phoenix Assurance Co.

    - EVEREST Int’l Group Admins.
    - MAPFRE

    - Paramount Life & General Insurance Co.
    - World Wide Travel Insurance

    - Standard Insurance Co.
    - Malayan Insurance (this is the cheapest among all insurance policy in my experience)

    - ASSIST Card
    - UCPB General Insurance Co. Inc.

    - ACE Secure
    - BPI – MS Insurance Corp.

    - Blue Cross
    - CHARTIS Philippines Insurance, Inc.

    - MAA Insurance
    - PNB General Insurers Co., Inc.

  13. Proof of accommodation at your travel desination(s) e. g. hotel reservation(s), lease agreement of host, extract from land register of host
  14. Sufficient financial means (even with a sponsor if you have a job you need to submit one or all of these documents)
    • bank certificate, recent (very important with transaction details in my experience
    • bank book dating back one year and a photocopy
    • proof of employment
    • payslips of previous 6 months and a photocopies
    • business licence (in case of self-employment) and a photocopy
    • tax statement for the previous year and a photocopy
    • if you are earning online in my experience, the embassy accepted the electronic paypal, alert pay, and moneybookers transactions…
  15. Non-refundable Consular fee in cash and payable upon submission of application… for National Visa D the application fee is 100 Euro payable in Philippine Peso. (please provide exact amount as change cannot be made)

Important notices:

All applications for visas of citizens of the Republic of the Philippines require approval of the Schengen partners and the competent authority in Austria. This mandatory and automated consultation process may take up to three weeks and cannot be expedited. Please refrain from inquiries regarding the status of your application within this period. Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period for the decision may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

The Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation or an additional interview in individual cases.

*certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and subsequently legalized by the Austrian Embassy in Manila. A consular fee in the amount of 40 Euro per document, payable in Philippine Pesos, applies. Due to required verification of the Documents' authenticity the process of Legalization may take several weeks.

In my next posts, I will tackle the procedures for each requirements, like the legalization of the Birth Certificate and CENOMAR, applying for Passport,  How to get a confirmed wedding date in Austria and of course the the process in getting the visa…



Unknown said...

in passing the marriage cert do i need to pass the nso marriage cert to the embassy or LCR issued is okay?pls help :)

Unknown said...

Need pa ba ng A1 certificate?

Unknown said...

Need pa ba ng A1 certificate?


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Unknown said...

gudpm my sister is married to an autrian this sept and comeback oct here,but not yet married here at Philippines,what she bring to the embassy so she can go back to austria?thankyou

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